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uncle tom's cottages/MOTEL
Geneva on the lake

5266 Lake Road EAST
Ohio 44041
Inquire at office
May 01 - Sep 15 Call: 440.466.8791

Off season address:
1530 Honeysuckle Avenue
Marco Island, FL 34145
Phone 239-394-5139

Guests occupying unit have first priority to reserve for the following calendar year. when you make a reservation you will receive a receipt in conformation. We require a deposit of  one third of the rental price in advance for each week to ensure reservations to be paid by the first of the calendar year of reservation. Deposits can be made in cash, Personal checks or money orders and by credit card certain times of the season. No deposit refund.
Balances plus all taxes are due on arrival. No checks accepted for balances due on arrival. Balances can be paid in cash, money order, traveler's checks or credit card.  (Visa Master Card)
Check-in time is 3:00 PM. This time has been scheduled so that we can have the property properly cleaned and inspected for the arriving guest. Please register at our lake front office upon arrival.  If you are arriving at an off time you may be asked to register at an alternative location. Reservations held until 6:00 PM Sunday.
Private parking is reserved for each rental unit. It is marked with the name of your cottage, apartment or motel and will be pointed out to you upon check-in. Many units are provided an extra space for guests. All car license numbers must be registered at the office upon time of check-in. Additional curb parking is available to the public.  There are two unloading zones provided, and exceptions are made for handicapped, please ask.
Checkout time is 11:00 AM. Please be considerate of arriving guests and check out promptly.
Please place dinnerware and silverware where found. No dirty dishes pots or pans left in the sink please! Refrigerator should be clean, empty and defrosted when possible. All trash, papers or rubbish should be wrapped and deposited outside in the designated refuse disposal container. We ask you to place all furniture in the same position as when the unit is accepted upon arrival, and that indoor furniture not be used outdoors. Mops, brooms and vacuum cleaners may be obtained from the office. Please leave bathroom clean. Please notify office if any bed linens or mattresses become soiled.
Only number of guests specified in circular permitted overnight. Additional guests will be charged accordingly or asked to leave.
Keys are provided upon arrival. Keys should be returned to office upon departure.
Please see individual listings in circular brochure for units. Such amenities as TV, linens and house wares vary depending upon unit.
No pets! Pets are not permitted in motels, or cottages at any time
Phone Calls:
Emergency calls accepted, any hour. Other important messages are delivered when necessary.
No deposit refunds.  As stated previously reservations are held until 6PM on Sundays for regular weekly check-ins.
Security Deposits:
A Security deposit will be required on all units when you take possession to guarantee cleaning, breakage, loss or damage. We gladly refund the deposit if units are left in the same condition as you arrive. We are to be the judge.
There is a $15 charge for lost keys!
Please notify our office within 24 hours of any damages noticed by you upon arrival. Please report promptly any trouble with plumbing, electricity or refrigeration.  Difficulties will be remedied as soon as possible.
Basic Rules and Regulations:
For your Protection, please keep units locked when not occupied. We are not responsible for any loss of your personal property. Respect other guests and they will respect you. No profanity or loud parties please. Quiet hour should begin at 11:00PM. Please respect our families with small children. Radios must be turned down. Report to management any disturbances you may experience at the time. All reports will be kept confidential. When building and enjoying bon fires on our private beach, please be sure to extinguish all fires and clean debris.  Garbage cans are provided on beach for all trash. Please return any borrowed equipment to office when finished. (Volleyballs, horseshoes ect.) Please do not litter and help us keep our grounds neat and clean. Share outdoor tables and chairs. Charcoal grills can usually be borrowed from the office. 
Playground equipment is intended for children only, no adults please!
We want you back!
We hope you enjoy our hospitality. You comfort, pleasure and satisfaction are our goals. We have been expanding a family owned and operated business since 1936.  We welcome your comments and suggestions. Thank you for staying with us and we hope to see you next year.

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